Sun (Sol) Facts | Planet

Sun Discovered By Known by the Ancients Date of Discovery Unknown Equatorial Inclination to Orbit 7.25 with respect to the ecliptic Mean Radius Metric: 695,508 kmEnglish: 432,168.6 milesScientific Notation: 6.9551 x 105 km Equatorial Circumference Metric: 4,370,005.6 kmEnglish: 2,715,395.6 milesScientific Notation: 4.37001 x 106 km Volume Metric: 1,409,272,569,059,860,000 km3English: 338,102,469,632,763,000 mi3Scientific Notation: 1.40927 x 1018 […]

Sun (Sol) | Star

Our Sun in the Sol system. Our solar system’s central star, the sun, has inspired mythological stories in cultures around the world, including those of the ancient Egyptians, the Aztecs of Mexico, Native American tribes of North America and Canada, the Chinese and many others. A number of ancient cultures built stone structures or modified […]

Uranus Facts | Planet

Uranus Discovered By William Herschel Date of Discovery 13 March 1781 Orbit Size Around Sun (semi-major axis) Metric: 2,870,658,186 km English: 1,783,744,300 miles Scientific Notation: 2.8706582 x 109 km (1.9189165 x 101 A.U.), By Comparison: 19.189 x Earth Perihelion (closest) Metric: 2,734,998,229 km English: 1,699,449,110 miles Scientific Notation: 2.73500 x 109 km (1.828 x 101 […]

Mercury Facts

Mercury Discovered By Known by the Ancients Date of Discovery Unknown Orbit Size Around Sun (semi-major axis) Metric: 57,909,227 kmEnglish: 35,983,125 milesScientific Notation: 5.7909227 x 107 km (0.38709927 A.U.) By Comparison: Earth is 1 A.U. (Astronomical Unit) from the sun. Perihelion (closest) Metric: 46,001,009 kmEnglish: 28,583,702 milesScientific Notation: 4.600 x 107 km (3.075 x 10-1 […]


7th Planet from the Sun. The first planet found with the aid of a telescope, Uranus was discovered in 1781 by astronomer William Herschel, although he originally thought it was a comet or star. The seventh planet from the Sun is so distant that it takes 84 years to complete one orbit. Color image of […]